USAC offers a full range of services to students who wish to study in North America, especially in the US, in the following categories:

High Schools

  • strengthening student’s application profile from grade 8 or 9
  • school selection based on applicant’s age, interests, and geographic preference
  • application process and interview
  • Holiday Programs or Activities
  • I-20 and visa preparations
  • orientation, including culture and customs

Colleges & Universities

  • strengthening applicants’ profile, including school curriculum and extracurricular activities
  • school selection based on applicant’s grades, test results, programs and desired locations
  • application process and interview, i.e. school selections and personal essay, etc.
  • immigration preparations, including advice on I-20 and visa
  • embarking orientation, including culture and customs

School Transfers

  • appropriate transfer age or grade within US high schools
  • appropriate transfer credits within US universities and graduate schools
  • school selection
  • application process and interview
  • transfer preparation and orientation, including visa

Career Advisement

  • resume and CV preparation
  • preparation for job interviews
  • career counseling and development