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It’s been my great pleasure to have Li as my advisor during my college application process. Her school suggestions considered my GPA, ACT scores, interests and my school type preference. She planned carefully for my visits to universities and interviews. Li worked very hard and kept me on track. Because of her, I even received scholarship offers from three US universities. Thank you so much Li!

Canadian Applicant

After moving to the U.S. during my sophomore year of high school, I felt completely lost when considering the college application process. Professor McAndrew’s experience and knowledge about the U.S. system were invaluable; she knew where I should apply to, and exactly what those colleges look for in an applicant. I cannot thank Professor McAndrew enough for her patience and support during high school, and it is thanks to her that I will be attending Williams College in the fall!

Williams College Student, USA

Li and I communicated a lot to discuss my academic and career goals and various programs that would suit me. Li provided valuable insights for improvement with my personal statements and essays. Furthermore, she instructed me on how to communicate with admission officers and program directors. She always patiently answered my questions in every aspect in a timely manner. It was a pleasure working with Li. Because of her, I got accepted to the top graduate schools, including Columbia and Northwestern.

Northwestern University Graduate Student, China

Professor McAndrew provided holistic guidance for me both before and throughout the application process. With her support I pursued widely varying extracurricular activities to support my academic achievements, presenting me as a well rounded candidate to colleges’ admission committees. Very much appreciate Professor McAndrew who helped me get accepted twice to MIT, and obtain three degrees (BS, MS and MBA) in six years!

MIT Undergraduate & Graduate Student, USA

Li was extremely patient and helpful through my entire college application process as she was always there when I had any kind of questions. With her broad knowledge of the American schools, years of experience in the admission field and living in the US, I felt really comfortable with all of her comments, suggestions and rationale. I appreciate the edits she contributed and couldn’t have completed the admission process without Li’s valuable assistance!

Boston University Student, China

Our daughter will soon start Grade 10 at a high caliber high school in Manhattan. We feel very lucky to have Professor McAndrew and Ms. Ruan’s help with school transfer in such a short noted time. Under the directions of these two consultants, our child completed all the admission requirements by herself. We cannot help cheering for the independent skills she has acquired through the process. This has not been what we expected. We are determined to have these experts to continue to guide our daughter to college in the next three years. Although we have experience of using consultants, and living outside China for some time, we firmly believe the USAC’s concept and strategies of school application process. Our daughter has the ability to pursue her goal, and only needs a right-fit plan and direction. The parents and USAC are her guides. Entering a dream university is just a short-term goal. The long-term one is for her to manage well in the US society and among the elites, as well as to live the way as she wishes as an independent thinker and problem solver. So fortunate to meet Professor McAndrew and Ms. Ruan and have them as our daughter’s consultants. They have offered her much more than what the typical agents do as we know. We are very happy USAC is working with us to direct our child on the most important stage of her life.

HS Student’s Parent, China

Ms. Ruan and Professor McAndrew were extremely helpful in my college application process. They were very good at recognizing my strengths and providing personalized guidance. They were always extremely patient, considerate and responsible. Their extensive knowledge of US universities and rich experience with college applications helped me tremendously in selecting suitable colleges, designing strategies and choosing extracurricular activities that demonstrated my unique qualities and wide interest. Ms. Ruan and Professor McAndrew offered great help in editing my essays. I significantly improved my writing skills. They also helped me prepare for interviews and apply for scholarships. From them, I learned how to communicate with admission officers, how to reach out to colleges and how to find useful resources. Ms. Ruan and Professor McAndrew taught me to stay focused, learn from my mistakes and that I should never do anything last minute. In addition, I became much more independent under their guidance, as I made many decisions on my own and learned to consider everything holistically.

Duke University Student, China/USA